Yellowstone National Park C & C Please

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Re: Yellowstone National Park C & C Please
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I agree with the others. Yellowstone Falls is a great photo - better than the shots I got on my trip there a couple months ago! (I agree that it's amazing - I NEED to go back in the not distant future!) Looks like you got there before sunset - after sunrise is probably the best - I got there around noon :(. The one critique I have here is that the foreground elements are a bit blurry - if you're careful about where you're focusing and the aperture you're using, you should be able to get elements at that distance in to focus if you want, or at least closer to being in focus without making the rest of the image worse.

There is a general trend in your pictures: it looks like the color is cranked up to 11. First, if you're shooting in JPEG, don't! Shoot in RAW. Mistakes like the white balance in the first picture are very easily corrected for in RAW - you can do it in JPEG, but the results are harder to get and not as good.

The image of Old Faithful just looks like you took a snap from wherever you were standing. I was recently there, and didn't really find Old Faithful to be an interesting photographic subject - it's just a geyser on a hill, without anything interesting nearby. (Nor have I seen many good photos of it) While such a photo won't be fine art, if you use a vertical orientation and at least capture everything from the geyser, the image won't look like a snapshot.

The image of the boiling pond is way oversaturated. Turning the color up is not necessary with this stuff, the natural colors are amazing. A better way to pick up color is to use a polarizer, and don't adjust the color, but rather the shadows. Nothing was done to change the colors here, for example - just exposure and shadows:

Also, your picture of the boiling pond has some sort of a white balance issue. It looks very magenta - if it is what you were aiming for, that's fine, but it looks like either WB was mis-adjusted, or similar to cranking the "vibrance" slider up in lightroom.

Castle Geyser is a great subject, unlike Old Faithful. Unfortunately it doesn't erupt very often, so if you're not able to come back for repeats, you're going to be stuck with the light you get. This is what I got from it in the late afternoon, before the light was getting good:

The other geyser (don't recognize it off the top of my head) - also oversaturated - fine if you want it that way, but it's not very natural. If you want it to look natural and vivid, you'll have to turn the saturation down. Looks like you shot it as the sun was setting - the light is great. But you included a whole lot of nothing in the image. Zoom in some! The foreground is just a shadow, and everything to the left side, and the right side of the image doesn't contribute anything to it. I would have used a vertical composition in this image too - position the geyser in the bottom left of the image and get as much of the spray in as possible.

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