Things that need to be firmware updated a77

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Things that need to be firmware updated a77
Oct 22, 2011
  • the top LCD needs to show ISO. A proper photograph exposure requires three things, aperature, shutter speed and iso. These should all be available at a glance.

-change the af light from red to white. Never understood the red lights. They ruin other photographers photographs and video. White light only please. (yes, I realize not firmware... mail me the white light)

-have a function that allows the camera to show how many stops the camera is changing as you change shutter speed and and aperature. This is basic and also important. While your at it allow me to change the useless exposure stop button to a custom function. Sony please review how the GH2 does it.. Like that.. please! This allows us to manually adust and see the exposure in real time.. Why do you need a button for this? It obscures things and wastes a button! liberate that button! I want it for changeing my metering mode... or something USEFUL AND NON-REDUNDANT! just show stop changes as you adjust aperature/shutter/iso... simple and awesome.

-turn down the flash in manual ! Even at 1/16 and 125-250 fps the flash is ballistic. PHOTOGRAPGERS DONT WANT THAT. Yes when I am using it for fill but if im digging for 1/16 I want the slightest bit of flash to balance with ambient. To get any ambient at all I have to use slow shutter speed. The flash at slower speeds even at 1/16 is completely overpowered. Its a great flash, please turn it down and have it recycle faster serious.. please. Also to use as a optical indicator to fire other flashes you often want VERY little power so the flash is not adding much to the exposure. I can understand not being able to put out more power but open up 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, 1/256. You put a superb, SUPERB flash on this cam. Let it breath. Let it be useful.

-Allow complete disablement of any raw noise reduction.

-I have seen a rainbow effect at some isos on some colors. This is a low light effect but it is in raw and not cleanable by color noise reduction. Please fix this, if possible, if not thats life.

-allow greater control in video. I can use exposure lock to control shutter speed. Why not just enable this for me. to whatever limited way the cam can?

-eliminate the crop in video. If it is related to the steady shot tech, then have it disappear when I remove steady shot.

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