E-400 vs E-5 (the last Kodak vs the last Panasonic - little meaningless comparison)

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E-400 vs E-5 (the last Kodak vs the last Panasonic - little meaningless comparison)

For all of you who bit temporarily (like me) or permanently (like me - before) into the supposed suppremacy of the Kodak sensor versus the Panasonic one - here are some meaningless pics.

Just got a used, crappy E-400, just for the h#ll of it. It was never sold in the US and was the last Oly DSLR with a Kodak sensor, which was reason enough.

From what I know, that one was one step further into "Kodakism" compared to the E-500, as the E-500 is 8mp while the E-400 is a 10mp.

Will be dropping random pics here. Will try to put an equivalent shot taken with the E-5 every time when it's possible. Will also try to add links to ORF's.

So you always wondered what the last Kodak sensor in an Oly camera was like ?

Well, if you need to see something specific shot with that camera, feel free to ask. I can accomodate any requests, as long as you're not in a hurry. You can choose between the two kit lenses, 11-22mm,12-60mm, 50-200mm SWD, 50mm f2.0, Sigma 24mm f1.8, and (for a few more days) - 18-180mm

Shots below are from the possible rarest combo you will ever see - a Sigma 24mm 1.8 (no loner sold) coupled with the E-400 (never sold in the US).


Olympus E-400 + Sigma 24mm 1.8 at f 9.0. Auto expo, 100 ISO.

NOTE : The E-400 overexposes like crazy. Right of the bat, we are talking AT LEAST 0.7EV, if not 1.0

Olympus E-5 + Sigma 24mm 1.8 at f 9.0, Manually set to same (30s at f 9.0), ISO 100.

Olympus E-5 + Sigma 24mm 1.8 at f 9.0, Auto expo (camera picked 13s), ISO 100.

I must say, other than the hot pixels, I'm not completely disapointed with the E-400. Will try to add ORF's soon.

CT is ~ 4800 for the E-5 vs ~ 4450 for the E-400. Auto WB used on both as far as I remember.

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