I still have hope for a new 4/3 camera

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Re: I still have hope for a new 4/3 camera
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After more than 50 years of film photography, I took the digital plunge a few years ago with an E-520 and the two kit lenses. I really didn't do much research before I bought - I chose the Olympus E system based on my positive experience with the Olympus OM system (four bodies and a good collection of glass - still have 'em all). Since I have a good collection of Zuiko lenses I sort of wished that Oly had followed the other makers' path and kept the OM mount but since Oly was touting the new lenses as being "designed for digital" I figured I'd just bite the bullet and build up a new collection of lenses, flash, etc. I loved the E-520's ergonomics, size and weight. Perfect, I thought. I also have a Canon EOS-1n - a great 35mm camera - but after using the light OM system I learned that I wasn't man enough to have that thing hung around my neck all day. Anyway, I loved the feel of the 520.

Last year I made a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with a friend who was using a Nikon D-5000. I got to try his Nikon (also using the cheap kit lens) a bit in the low-light, no-flash, high-ISO environment of the aquarium and for the first time realized that my 520 had some shortcomings - noise, DR, but especially in the AF department. No problem, I thought - I'll just wait for an improved E-XXX, thinking and hoping it would show up at Photokina. Also, I had planned to buy a faster lens (14-54) for the 520 hoping that that would soup up its AF performance. Well, not only did a new E-XXX not come to Photokina, but it was just about that time that Oly management started telling us that m4/3 was the future. And the E-5? Too big, too expensive, and heavy (thinking of the EOS-1n here). Pen? Too small, and as I've learned from my two Lumix P&S cams, trying to shoot in bright sunlight without an OVF or EVF can be a real PITA (and knowing me, I'll break or lose the slide-on EVF Oly sells plus I think it looks kludgy on an otherwise attractive cam).

In the months following Photokina, like the OP I held out hope that an up-to-date, competitive E-XX or E-XXX would be introduced, despite of all the talk from Oly that it wasn't in the cards. Well, one day recently I simply decided that enough was enough, that I was tired of waiting on Oly, either for a new E-XX or E-XXX, or even a m4/3 with a built-in EVF. I'm not being critical of those people still holding out hope for for the 4/3 system such as the OP, only that everyone has their own threshhold of patience and I finally reached mine. Thus I "donated" my 520 to my wife (not even sure if she'll use it but I can't bear to part with a any of my cameras). Fortunately I only had a very small investement in the E system, and I'm now free to choose any make or model that suits me. This time I'm doing the research!

There's lots of speculation out there, especially in light of recent events, that Olympus might sell its "underperforming" camera division. Many suggest Panasonic as a buyer, others Samsung. I can think of another possibility - the Chinese company that is currently manufacturing Olympus cameras. If that happens then I can see the possibility of the 4/3 system being revived (beyond the E-5). It will be too late for me, but a real bonus to those holding lots of 4/3 lenses and wanting to replace aging E bodies. Anybody for a Great Wall E-7? Oh wait, that name is in use already. How 'bout a Long March E-7?

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