Love the PL 25mm but honestly not crazy about 50mm equiv focal length

Started Oct 11, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Love the PL 25mm but honestly not crazy about 50mm equiv focal length
Oct 11, 2011

I think the PL 25mm is a fantastic lens, its very sharp even wide open (at least in the center) focuses lightening quick and just gets such beautiful color and contrast that really makes images with it stand out. Other than it being slightly bigger than I'd like, maybe a little more money than I wanted to spend, and the aperture blades stopping down slightly louder in bright sun, its an ideal lens.

However, as much its pretty close to perfect on paper, and in terms of pixel peeping, I'm just not a huge fan of the 50mm equiv focal length.

I've really grown to enjoy 35mm equiv as I had the 35mm ZM Biogon on my M9, the 35mm equiv Fuji X100, the 35mm equiv Leica X1 and the 40mm 20mm f1.7 on m4/3.

Call me crazy but I just find 50 always feels a little claustrophobic for casual walk around, not showing enough of the subject in the environment, and yet also a bit too short for when I want to isolate a subject or part of a scene the way a longer lens, such as the 45mm f1.8 can do.

I put my 20mm 1.7 back on and it just feels more natural to me, yet even in just reviewing images on the LCD, the color, contrast and "pop" isn't there the way it is with the 25PL

The 20mm f1.7 feels so slow focus and sometimes just won't lock. Throw the 25mm on and it snaps into focus perfectly.

I also notice that the PL25mm lets in more light even at equiv fstop settings of f1.8, making me think the 20mm f1.7 probably isn't quite a f1.7 lens in terms of light transmission. The PL25 wide open is good for about an extra stop nearly in terms of exposure.

The bokeh is smoother with the 25mm as well, even when framed the same and shot equiv, its just that touch smoother looking.

Everything is fantastic about it except I enjoy the 20mm lens better in terms of composition and its rather driving me crazy because I want to like the 25 more but just don't really enjoy the overall composition a 50mm lens provides.

Anyone else feel the same or are all the new 25mm owners all loving the focal length? Mind you not the lenses performance, but the focal length itself.

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