Not Fuji but RIP Steve Jobs

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Re: Great man of great spirit. May he RIP (nt)
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Stephen 06 wrote:

buckshot wrote:
A single man even with billions in the bank can not feed everyone.

Really? There's about 13 million effected by famine as we speak in Africa. If you gave each one $10 a day, it would feed them daily.

Now that's a £130mill a day. Bill Gates has $56 billion. If he parted company with $55bn of that, he would keep 13 million people alive for over a year.....423 days to be more precise. And he still has a billion to "get him by".

Now take just ten more people on the top of forbes list with a combined total of $355bn....the would keep the 13 million people alive for a further 7 years!!

Imagine that...10 people could keep 13 million fellow humans alive for about 7 years.

I wonder how many of those 13 million will be dead in 7 years?

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LOL just LOL, where you get such people from ?

1) taking from rich giving to poor regime already existed it was called communism it brought more famine and death than any other regime in whole history of human kind (Nazis are little sheep in comparison to Stalin,PolPot,Mao etc ) people still suffer from this sick ideas in Cuba and North Korea

2) if we feed people in Africa there will be even more of them to feed, despite 'hunger' population in Africa will explode till 2050 check the demography stats

The only solution is to limit population in Africa.Stop being hater, Jobs was great man he deserves respect you have no idea what you troll about.

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