When Will Canon Ever Release a Medium Format Camera Like The Pentax 645D?

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Re: Medium Format Camera Better than 8X10 film?
In reply to Mike K, Oct 5, 2011

Yep, from personal experience with traditional 220 medium format film. in comparison, today's full frame 1ds III is a dream,

You had to do alot to the original formatted scan to get it to equal today's 21 megapixel raws. Were talking professional $$$$ heidelburg scanners.

I remember the good o day's of sending film off and a few days later getting a oil mounted mess returned and a cd full of scans.

While medium format has its market the bulk of todays work is perfectly fine with full frame and its extreme cropability, just look at some old magazines and follow the print quality compared to today. follow them for 10 years and you will see how much commercial work has improved (less grain). Alot of magazines use to require at least 120mm medium format for a full page ad. While today a 5d original is plenty.
and 5d II more than plenty.

When medium format reaches the flexibilty and speed of a dslr, you will see a shift back to medium format, right now though the speed of transfering images from camera to computer and then the computing power required to handle thousand of these images is just too costly.

IMHO of course.

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