Will Little Bramper Intervalometer work with a55, a65 or a77?

Started Oct 3, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Will Little Bramper Intervalometer work with a55, a65 or a77?
Oct 3, 2011

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with this product?

I have an a55 and am interested in time lapse photography. I already have a basic Intervalometer which works well in steady light, but this unit is specifically designed to maintain good exposure with varying ligh during the exposure period. As it happens, I have a hotshoe adaptor for my Rode VideoMic Pro that has a PC socket. (Yongnou model YN-H3). This microphone is more sensitive and directional than the built in mics when I am taking movies.

You can find some video clips showing how this product works at this web site. http://www.thewhippersnapper.com/LittleBramper/Site/Home.html
(It was orignally designed to work with higher end Canon SLRs.)

How does it work?

Little Bramper uses your camera’s bulb mode to smoothly and precisely vary your exposure time. The photographer adjusts the bulb-ramp strength ('bramp’) in response to the review image/histogram shown on the Camera’s LCD. Little Bramper not only fires the camera but also monitors shutter activity via the PC (Prontor/Compur) socket, executing exposures with millisecond precision.

Is it difficult to use?

Little Bramper hides little from the photographer and at first glance may seem complicated. Initially it will be in Basic Mode, to ease the learning curve. It is a photographer’s gadget and an understanding of photographic concepts such as 'stops‘ and 'reciprocity’ will make your bramping experience more deliberate and effective. Armed with a little experience you can plan very ambitious sessions, such as day-to-night transitions, that really push your camera’s capabilities. For basic (fixed exposure) time-lapses I still use conventional intervalometers (mostly for convenience and simplicity), although Little Bramper can also operate in a comparable non-bramping mode.

What are its limitations?

It’s not possible to achieve very high shutter speed using Bulb mode, and I recommend not shooting faster than 100ms (i.e. 1/10s). This means that you will probably need to use neutral density filters when shooting bright scenes such as sunsets. That said, a neutral density filter is a useful tool for extending the range of your bramp (see User Manual).

I am keen to hear from anyone with experience using this device.

Thank you,


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