Mirrorless - 10mp joke?

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Re: Are you guys nuts?
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Quite possibly. However your comments need some corrections ..

Wellington100 wrote:

This little camera is the best possible accessory FF users with high end lenses could wish for.

Its pixel density is not far off from the PD of the D5100 and probably lower than the next generation of FF sensors so if it is as efficient as those sensors, its DR and low light capability will be very good indeed

Not even close to being true. The crop "factor" is quoted as approx 2.7x. Remember that is the ratio in each dimension so you have to square that to get the pixel ratio. Scaled up to 35mm FF at the same pixel density gets you to around 73.6 Megapixels. Or alternatively scaled up only as far as DX gets you around 32 Megapixels.

This being the case you have a nice little accessory that you can bolt onto the back of any high end Nikon lens for occasional use. Your 300mm F4 can suddenly get that far off bird, your 35mm f1.4 is suddenly a perfect portrait lens for a family function and your 60mm Macro can double up as a 170mm bug hunter.

The 300mm gets the same FOV as an 800mm on this camera so that's like having an 800mm F4 - potentially interesting to Bird and Wildlife photographers. In general if you want more telephoto effect this camera could be your ticket. The opposite is true for wide-angle. As for your your 35mm F1.4 well it might have about the right focal length for portrait work but it won't give the same DOF isolation as say an 85 f1.4. It will appear to have much more depth of field.

Its a no brainer as an accessory for a full frame user and for just the price of a single decent lens.

Maybe. Very much depends on IQ which I suspect will not satisfy the FF user ... but as a "pocketable" camera ?? - well careful of those metal lugs!


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