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Robert Hoy
Robert Hoy Senior Member • Posts: 1,572
film scan looks unfinished

Your Ektar film scan looks like it essentially unprocessed for one thing the color/white balance looks off: cold and greenish tint. Good film scanning and processing is an art just like getting the most from a digital file is an art. Assuming that all you should do to a film exposure is scan and use as-is with default settings is about the same as shooting JPG with a dSLR using a low contrast picture setting.

I shoot a good amount of film and I finish a film scan in Lightroom just as I would any of my digitally captured photos.

Here is my latest collection from my zenfolio portfolio:

There are 5 photos. 3 of which are Ektar, 1 of which is 200 speed Fuji consumer film, and 1 is from a digital camera. I think I did well to make them have all the same look. Can you guess which is from which film and which is the digital capture without looking into exif?

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