My Leica M9 is just a piece of crap

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Re: My Leica M9 is just a piece of crap

sorry to hear. my m8 and m9 are perfect
what happened to you could really ruin your day.
see if you can have the sensor repaired or another new one

the sd card issue is well known and being worked on by leica. use a non-sandisk card, preferably class 6 or lower. or a cheaper range sandisk card.

whilst we wait for the verdict on the sd card problem, it's also worth saying that there are many fake sandisk cards out there, even from dealers. the cheap sd cards no one bother to fake. I always use own brand ones (from mobymemory in uk) or class 4 STD sandisks

good luck!

2351HD wrote:

I am not normally into bagging products but in this case I am happy to say that my purchase of the M9 has been just an expensive mistake that I regret.

Firstly, I get the camera home, take some test shots and all is good. Then I start getting this vertical line in my images at high iso.

So the dealer does the right thing and swaps it over.

The new camera is working ok at high iso, but the white paint on the shutter dial starts coming off after 3 weeks.

Then I start seeing dust spots in all my images. So I take it in for a professional clean and when I get it back it is no better. Seems that maybe now the dust might be under the low-pass filter (or equivalent of).

Then, the M9 completely kills a new 16gb Sandisk card, unusable in any camera or computer.

Top this off with the fact that the blooding thing just locks up at any given point.

I am just over it all. This has been the biggest purchase of camera equipment in 6 years for me and it has turned out to be a disaster and I haven't yet taken one print-worthy photo with it.

What do you think I should do now?


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