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Wolfe_boy wrote:

... too much flash in the flash-ambient equation. They LOOK like they've been flashed. The light is too unnatural.

How do you correct that?

1. Let more ambient into the picture: shooting at 1600 or 3200 rather than 800, get a faster lens, etc.

2. Gel your flash to match the ambient. It makes the abundance of flash less noticeable.

3. Get more ambient in general: shoot earlier when there is more available sunlight. A touchdown in the first quarter and a touchdown in the fourth quarter look basically the same. Or stay closer to the floodlights and hope and pray that awesome things happen under them.
4. Skip the flash altogether. Dunno if that’ll work for you or not.

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of these images, and it’s the lighting that’s throwing me I think. Sorry.

Come to rual Mississippi and shoot a little Class A ball (the smallest classification) and see how you do. These fields are DARK. The lighting, what there is of it, is inconsistant at best. It's changes about every 5 yards or so, bright here, VERY dark there, somewhere in between 5 yards away. I would have got neither of them if I had shut down after the 10 minutes where I had enough natural light to shoot without a flash. Shooting without a flash was not an option. (My son and I just got in from shooting a game tonight. His camera goes up to ISO 12400. He shut down as soon as the sun light was gone, 10 minutes in. He could only get shutters of around 1/200. THAT field was much better lit than the ones where those two shots came from). I assume you noticed that both of my shots were at f 2.8. That's pretty fast, at least I thought it was. ISO 3200 at 2.8 would get me about a 1/125 shutter speed at those fields, in the BRIGHT spots. Now I geuss I COULD stake out one 5 x 5 yard area with consistant lighting and set everything just perfect for that and hope the action happens to go through it. I don't think I would really get much at all doing that, do you? It works for what I do, BOTH of those shots have sold multiple prints already, I'm not shooting for SI. Your points ARE noted and pretty much agreed with. Could I realistically do much about them, not really.

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