$1000 lens with with no mechanical focus mechanism?

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Re: would love fly-by-wire door handle
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RussellInCincinnati wrote:

Jon Rty: In a lens, the focus ring is directly coupled to the focusing group, or today motor, with just maybe a centimeter inbetween here and there. Focus-by-wire is like having a electric door-handle that you push and then the motor moves the clasp, instead of a normal one.

And how great that would be, to have such a fly-by-wire door handle. It could be programmed to unlatch the door whenever the handle sensed, via capacitance change, that your hand was near the latch. It could be programmed to be arbitrarily pressure-sensitive, rather than movement sensitive. It could be solar powered to not need batteries so much for all these tricks. It could vibrate to tell you that the door is locked (when you touch it), so that you don't try to needlessly force it and you happen to be visually impaired. It could log whenever it was touched, or indeed be programmed to stay unlocked if people are walking through it constantly who all have "keys". It could turn on the lights of the room you're about to enter, etc etc.

I.e. just because you can easily make a door handle work in a familiar (or failure mode) way without fly-by-wire, doesn't prove that it's pointless to make it fly by wire.

Jaguar came out with a new XF model a few years ago with a glovebox that used a touch sensitive button to open. Sounds cool, a quick swipe and your glovebox pops open, but in reality people had trouble with the electronics working properly and they couldn't get into their glovebox. How did jaguar fix this problem? This years XF model has a physical button on the glovebox.

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