someone will switch to NEX-7 ?

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In reply to Anders W, Sep 6, 2011

Anders W wrote:

I am sure it once was market pressure. Not at all sure that's the case today. If anything, the forums here are full of complaints about the megapixel race. I personally think the complaints are largely unwarranted but if the companies were just looking out for public opinion, they wouldn't care much either way.

As to the Sony 24 MP, I think it makes perfect sense from a purely technical/rational point of view. Unless the new sensor is technically worse than the 16 MP, those 24 MP will be perfectly useful at base ISO and one or two stops above that as well. I am not sure how many will be interested in the resolution improvements that will bring but why not. People seem to want more from their lenses, but the most cost-effective way to increase image resolution is actually to increase sensor rather than lens resolution.

I am saying all this in sincerity, as a matter of pure and simple analysis/observation. I am not a fan of the NEX system in spite of the excellent Sony sensors and the possibly excellent NEX-7 camera. I bought into m43 fully aware of the fact that the NEX-7 was around the corner, and, as a camera body, might offer pretty much exactly what I wanted except one thing: The size and performance of the lenses I wanted.

To me the most important thing is image quality from the sensor. Detail, color rendering, noise performance. All of these factors are important. If they manage to create a 24 megapixel-sensor which has higher resolution, but also performs well in all of these other areas, it's ok. But so far my experience with Sony is that they push the envelope a bit further than they can really cope with. My A350 again had worse ISO-performance than the competition due to the fact that it had a higher resolution and pretty poor noise reduction. Honestly it would have been preferrable to have less resolution and better control over the end result.

The Sony 16mp-sensor is excellent, we know that. We don't know how the 24mp-sensor will perform though. Personally I would have preferred a NEX-7 with the lower resolution and a proven sensor (and preferrably a lower price). If I'm going to invest that much money in a camera I don't just want the sensor to be adequate, I want it to be very good. Two stops above base-ISO is not good enough in such an expensive camera. If the NEX-7 doesn't perform markedly better than the NEX-5n, the external controls and the EVF are not worth the jump in price (in SEK about 7 000 vs. 12 000 kr with kit-lenses). Then again, the 5n is not an attractive camera for me in other ways. So I guess, either the NEX-7 or weathering it out, waiting for a possible GF pro.

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