The upside of no new D4/D800/D400 announcement.

Started Aug 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Dan Wagner
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The upside of no new D4/D800/D400 announcement.

Like everyone I else, I too was hoping to learn about the specifications/features in the generation of pro cameras from Nikon succeeding the D3/D700/D300 models. I woke up several times last night and fought the urge to boot up my Mac and read the news. News by the way that Nikon kept more secure than the Oscar winners.

Coolpix. Coolpix. So cool, and you can take pix, with so many pixels you're a pixographer.

And this reminds me of my days as a photo major in college. The course was commercial photography orientated, with the goal of turning out graduates who could survive in this competitive field. The percentage of graduates who would be earning their living in the field a few years after graduation was 3 or 4 percent. We started with a class of 25 or so, and perhaps 16 completed the course. One of my professors said the students that don't make it, make it possible for the university to offer the course for those that do. My point is that the revenue Nikon earns on the Coolpix cameras and other non-pro DSLR's and lenses make it possible for them to manufacture the cream of the crop -- the D3, D700, and the $1,000 plus lenses we lust over. I wish Nikon would still make scanners and service earlier film cameras, but that's another thread.

The second reason I'm happy that there isn't a D4/D800/D400 announcement is that I would like the new models to come out during my slowest time of year in January/February/March. This would allow me to sell my D3 in late December and get a better price for it. I would also be better able to forecast my earnings for 2012 and make a more informed decision regarding whether or not to invest in new equipment.

The other thought bouncing around in my brain is that I'm not all that anxious to drop 7 grand plus every 3 or so years. Last time it was for the D2x and D200. Subtract around 2.5 grand for selling the previous models to the D3. That's a lot of depreciation.

Lastly I don't feel limited as a photographer by my D3/D300 combo. So raise your glasses of sake, and here's hoping for great expectations for the next pro models. Banzai!

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