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Re: tineye and google

Hi - just found and read this thread. First, a curious aside - notice your middle name is Christopher and all the infringements you have mentioned have been by religious groups - More Than Coincidence????

On a more serious note, you seem to have handled this in a reasonable and fair-minded way. I especially note that you gave consideration to how your actions would affect the "criminal infringer", unlike some of the other posters, who seem to have a rather hard-hearted attitude about the whole thing. Yes, protecting copyright and intellectual property are important; yes, money and proper compensation are important; but they are not All-Important! People count, too.

It appears to me that this woman was attempting to self-publish her small "inspirational" book, was not experienced, trusted a (probably cheap and inexperienced) graphic designer and innocently got your copyrighted photo on her cover. The book didn't sell, already a huge disappointment for her, she doesn't appear to have any money, already a great hardship for her. What is to be gained by harassing her?

The cold, legalistic, "make-her-pay" attitude of some of the other posters reminds me of the way corporations and the government often treat "the little people" of this world. "Circumstances be damned, you crossed the line, so by God you're going to Pay!"
Les Miserables, indeed.
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