S95 or LX5 (I know I know) experienced shooters of both please

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Re: S95 or LX5 (I know I know) experienced shooters of both please
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I've shot extensively with LX3 for two years and S95 now for a couple of months. LX5 has superior image quality over LX3 so I won't touch that subject.

When using S95, I've surprisingly found that I'm not craving for 24mm, but I'm simply not that demanding user I guess. The thing I miss most is the own switch for switching to macro or manual focus, I find changing and using manual focus on S95 a pain compared to LX3 (I use S95's main control ring for exposure at the moment, maybe I should switch). And what I hate about S95 is the too easily rolling rear control ring. It's easy to change settings with that accidentally and notice only later that you shot with wrong settings. And S95 simply cannot be used in low light if zooming, since the F value rises so sharply. What I also miss from LX5 feature list on S95 is the dedicated video record button, and of course the better video functionalities in general.

I've also found that on average S95 seems to focus wrongly somewhat more often than LX3 did, ie. some photos simply fail. It's rare, but each time it's a pity. And of course the battery life on S95 is poor - you do need an extra battery on a long day, while you never did with LX3.

But of course what I like about S95 is the size. I can overlook the problems mentioned above because of that, since size has been the driving thing for me in compact cameras, and S95 has been definitely somewhat easier to carry with than what LX3 was. The JPEG quality is great as often mentioned. I've also noticed that sound quality in videos is noticeably clearer in S95 than LX3, but I cannot say how LX5 performs here.

So I guess get LX5 if you need to do some more serious photographing, but shoot RAW. For a bit less serious user like me S95 is not perfect but still slightly easier to like because of the size and JPEG quality.

Edit: I forgot this one: LX3 had a bit of barrel effect at 24mm, for which I used to zoom a bit when shooting eg. faces. I like that S95 is pretty ok at 28mm already.

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