Panasonic G3 or GF3?

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Panasonic G3 or GF3?


I'm moving up from a compact to something better although size is still an issue - hence the M43 option looks perfect.

I've had a look at all of the available ones physically, and really like the G3 and the GF3 from an ease of use point of view, but am undecided as to which one.

Whilst I'll mostly take family photos etc. I also want to start taking the camera out with me whilst I wander around town and snap whatever I come across. Also I'll take it on holiday, and have a go at some sporting events etc.

I don't mind carrying a smallish bag around (and would prefer to do so as if I carried the GF3 in a pocket it'd come to some terrible accident within a week), but definitely not the size of the DSLR bags...

Other than which sounds like a better option? I intend to go on a course thats designed for the M43 so not too worried about complexity, so would I find that the Gf3 is too simple after this, and would want to upgrade?

Also regarding lenses the GF3 has a good bundle offer with the 14-42, and the 14mm, whilst the G3 has a decent offer on the 14-42 and the 45-200 (although quite a but more expensive)... Could you use the 45-200 on the GF3 without it unbalancing in your hand? And for family shots would the 14-42 be enough?

hmmm it is ever so confusing that they are so similar yet so different. Any help would be much appreciated - you'd be doing better than the guy in the shop who knew less than me after googling for a day or two - (he advised me to get the Gf3 because it was smaller and looked nice)

Ultimately it's either the G3 with the 14-42 + 45-200 or the Gf3 with the 14 and the 14-42 lenses (I can buy more lenses later - these are pretty good deals you see)...


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