NEW FUJI X100 - RAW NYC Street Photos

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Re: NEW FUJI X100 - RAW NYC Street Photos
In reply to fad, Aug 11, 2011

hans, mark, scuffer, tom, snake, paulo, cheddar, faint, siggi, view, steven, blayne - thanks so much

nomad - great compliment

bob - yes, guilty as charged. I used to shoot almost exclusively with a Leica M7. I loved that camera. I have been searching for a digital equivalent ever sense. Certainly the M9 has it's place, but the menu system and shutter release felt relatively clunky to me, not to mention the price is astronomical. Also the sensor is really quite mediocre especially past 3200 iso.

dan - You are right Dan, it does have to with expectations. I expect a camera that costs 1300 dollars to perform to a certain level, especially given the competition. For me the definition of a pro-tool is a tool whose functionality can help me get the shot I want not stand in the way.

eric - Thanks. I use Lightroom exclusively.

Here are my main gripes, at this point, with the X100:

-Autofocus is slow, more critically, it is unreliable (and that is putting it nicely). My expectations for a $1300 camera are higher. The GF1 I previously owned was not only snappier in focus speed but also more 'decisive' in focus acquisition. The GF1 costs half.

-Aperture dance/shutter delay in bright light.

-Half press shutter refresh stutter in EVF.

-When shutter button is fully depressed, parallax and focus reset between each shot, even with the shutter continuously held half way. This causes a situation, combined with the aperture dance, of significant delay from shot to shot and frankly makes the camera feel like a point and shoot.

-Camera functionality, with the exception of aperture and shutter speed, locks down while writing to buffer. Including the ability to switch between EVF and OVF.

-Cannot view preview until buffer is clear. For a single shot that is almost 4 seconds, for multiple much longer.

-Write time to card is slow, even when using the newest 45mb/s card.

-No ability to program RAW button as second FN button.

-The x100 claims to take 3fps/5fps. It does not. It takes a burst of 3fps and 5fps, then proceeds to lock down the camera with a buffer write screen. Again, point and shoot functionality.

-Max minimum shutter speed in Tv is limited to 1/125 sec, which is not fast enough to freeze movement.

-In manual with Auto Iso on Exposure compensation dial does not work.

-Unreliable metering which consistently blows highlights.

-No ability to resize focus box in MF mode.

-Manual focus ring sucks.

-No focus lock in movie mode.

These are gripes. I like the camera alot, but these things really hamper functionality. I have missed shots because of the items listed above and that is a very frustrating experience. Dan is right, my expectations are higher, given the cost and competition. It feels like Fuji ripped a lot of point and shoot functionality and supplanted it into the x100.

-I appreciate the comment Fad. Everyone has there own personal aesthetic preferences, including Erwitt. He is a product of his time and certain aesthetics, of course come with that. I completely agree with the idea of clarity, but genuine artistry? What exactly is that?

I have studied the Magnum photographers extensively. I also worked as an exhibition printer for years for photographers on par with the ones you mention. I'll just say; the amount of 'post-processing' required in the 'printing' process to bring life to the shots, Elliot included, is astounding.

I think clarity is when subject matter meets aesthetics. I certainly don't want my post processing to get in the way of my images, but rather bring out the 'dominant life' in them. You obviously think it does, each to their own, but thanks for the thoughts.

All the best,

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