D7000 sensor cleaning - It's pretty simple!

Started Jul 31, 2011 | Discussions thread
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D7000 sensor cleaning - It's pretty simple!
Jul 31, 2011

Naturally, with all the D7000 "oil on sensor" threads, I had to stop down to F22 and see what's going on. Initially, I was pretty freaked out, it looked like a LOT of dust and who knows what on there.

Researched around and decided that this is something I'll likely have to do more than once, so I might as well make an investment and learn how to do it myself. Settled on the Visible Dust line and ordered the Arctic Butterfly 724 and a 4-pack of MDX-100 swabs along with VDust+ solution (for water and oil based stains).

The Arctic Butterfly worked well, probably removed 80% of the dust on the sensor after just a couple of quick passes (less than 1 min). What I liked about this device was the lighting, it makes seeing the sensor and the dust/spots very easy. Is it "worth" the $110 price? If you go by what the device actually is, no, probably costs a few bucks to make. But, if you go by the value it delivers (very fast way to clean off dust from a sensor) then absolutely it's worth it.

I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to turn to a swab/solution, but no avoiding it now. I dabbed some solution on the swab (probably more than I needed) and swiped it gently across the sensor. To my surprise, there were a couple of stubborn marks on there. Well, a few back and forth rubs and they were gone too, clean as a whistle. (less than 2 min)

Went back outside, shot the sky at F22 once again and this time a spotless file. Anyway, I know to some of you this is old hat stuff, but there seem to be quite a few folks backing away from the D7000 due to possible sensor oil and I'll just say that:

  • Your sensor WILL get dust on it. I try my best to make lens changes quick, avoid dusty environments when I do it, but after 3K shots mine had at least 20-30 dust and other specs on it. So, if you're avoiding the D7000 because you might have to clean the sensor, don't, because you're going to have to do this with any DSLR.

  • Cleaning it is EASY. I've never done this before, and it literally was a 10 minute affair between taking before / after test shots. Actual cleaning was easily under 5 min.

As for the actual products, I think I would have been fine with the $25 4-pack of swabs and solution. However, the investment in the 724 I feel is warranted for the ease in which it lets you examine the sensor and how effortlessly it gets the easy stuff off.

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