Merging Multiple MP3 Files Into 1 File and Creating Tracks

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Re: Merging Multiple MP3 Files Into 1 File and Creating Tracks
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Thank you for your reply. I was a bit unclear, so let me clarify (if I can). I guess what I want to do is author a music CD and have the ability to place track numbers wherever I want them to be on the CD.

Here goes: I want to combine multiple mp3 files into one long mp3 file. Then when I burn that file to make a music CD I want to have an indication of different track numbers depending on the point in the song. For example: entire song is 10 minutes. Music starts playing indicating track 1 of CD. However, at 2 minutes into the song, I want the track number to change to 2. At minute 5 of the song I want the track to change to 3, etc. Can this be done? I usually burn my mp3 files to an audio CD using Nero 10. Any editor or other software suggestion which can do this? Thanks.

Lyle Aldridge wrote:

JSB wrote:

I hope I'm explaining this correctly. I have multiple MP3 files which I want to merge into one long file. For example, I have a live performance where I don't want silence between tracks. Is there an easy way to merge the multiple files into one continuous file and then make track indications for each song in the set without hearing silence between the tracks? Software recommendations and instructions? Thanks for any help.

I'm not completely understanding the part of your question about "track indications," but merging MP3 files and removing silence is a piece of cake with Audacity. It's open-source freeware, available at sourceforge and elsewhere, for Windows, Mac and Linux. You just import and add the MP3 files in succession to the timeline. They show as waveforms, with amplitude indicating volume. You cut out the silence (the flat lines), drag the clips together with the mouse, and export a single file.

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