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Graham Meale wrote:

Sensor cleaning is a dark art, and if you haven't had experience (and by the sound of it you haven't), I suggest you leave it in the hands of the nice people at Canon. Anything else may well end in tears.

Bull*cks, could not be easier! Dark art my foot, for goodness sake what a load of rubbish.

There is no need to be scared, I have cleaned the sensor of many DLSRs and never had a problem (which you have to if you want to avoid a lot of post cloning work if using the MPE65).

Follow this procedure:

1. Take a shot at the smallest aperture preferably with a macro lens of a uniform background which is out of focus. This highlights all the sensor dirt.

2. Before raising the mirror, using a rocket blower blow out all the dust holding the camera upside down. Then raise the mirror and blow dust off sensor.

3. Repeat step 1, if looks clean then done, if further work is needed, continue.

4. Use a static brush such as the Artic Butterfly, just follow directions and ensure that you regularly clean the brush in isoproponal. NOTE: as there appears to be a big glob of oil on your sensor I would skip this step and go straight to 6 below.

5. Repeat step 1, if looks clean then done, if further work is needed, continue.

6. Do a wet clean using the Cooperhill method. You may have to do this several times to remove the oil. Ensure that a fresh pecpad is used everytime and do not overdose on the Eclipse; use a small amount and wait a few seconds for the liquid to spread into the pecpad before use.

7. Repeat step 1, if looks clean then done, otherwise repeat Step 6 until clean.

Kind regards

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