How far would you take this?

Started Jul 11, 2011 | Discussions thread
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How far would you take this?
Jul 11, 2011

Greetings all;

As if we didn't have enough on our plates... Are you aware of, or already using What an amazing service!! But... also, what an 'amazing' way to add more and more time overhead to our photography business. And, with thousands of published images... you do the math.

My question(s): are you seeing an increase in unauthorized use of your images lately, or is it perhaps that we now have such powerful tools to track them down that it only appears to be more frequent? And do you see a correlation with the shape of the economy?

The case I'm working on right now involves a self-published author/wannabe who simply took one of my images off the web, without authorization, darkened it a bit to obscure my CR mark and splashed it right on the cover of her book!!!

I just became aware of this (thanks to TinEye) and sent a message to her publisher, but I wonder what your thoughts may be as to how far to take this.

A few details:
1. The book was published in 07

2. It is on Amazon and Alibris (that I know of) but... not a single review in 4 years (I.e.: I don't think she has sold enough to even cover her publishing costs.)

3. Regardless of her commercial success or lack thereof, I plan to pursue this as far as getting compensated for proper license fees (and...for what 'circulation' numbers?) But...

I wonder if there is consensus on how far the members of this forum might take this... After all, these are hard times for many, especially those of us in the arts community... Plus, the "author" in question is apparently a minority, living in a Southern State, and no longer at her last place of full employment...

..."Les Miserables" come to mind... At what point does it all become a useless blood-from-a-turnip pursuit?


P.S.: Either way I plan to send a donation to TinEye

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