Fuji x100: Some thoughts.

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Fuji x100: Some thoughts.

The arrival of the Fuji x100 has taken the photography world by storm. The clever marketing that is supported by a very good product has paid off for Fuji. Everything about it is brand new, 21st century technology stuff even though it was designed to give it a romance of yesteryear. And it does marry the two worlds remarkably well. No wonder so many have fallen in love with it.

Sure, there are still glitches here and there but what has set this camera apart from others is that it has rejuvenated the joy of photography all over again.

The x100 has, amongst others, what is known as the all-new revolutionary hybrid view finder system. This has nothing to do with the traditional rangefinder system for it is not. Yet it has reminiscence of one and one cannot but compare it with grand master of 35 mm photography - Leica. And so much cheaper.

Just imagine what this retro style camera, with a fixed 35mm length, has done to photographers amateurs and professionals alike. It has brought out the child in them again. It has rekindled that spark of creativity. It has stirred their imagination and fired their enthusiasm, it has given them a breath of fresh air. It has generated a great pulsating desire to owe one. It has turned the conventional photography world upside down. It has touched a raw nerve in Leica.

Not even Leica can do that and it was Leica that gave birth to to 35 mm photography. But Leica has restricted itself to the rich and the well-off, whereas Fuji is within reach of almost anyone wanting to buy one.

But more importantly, this Fuji miracle could potentially revolutionize the professional photography world. It can seriously challenge the arena of the big bulky DSLRs that are attention grabbing, shoulder racking and boring. It can do so by developing a similar type of camera as the X100 but with FF, capable of interchangeable lenses, armed with a AF/metering systems that can equal or beat any of the Professional Canon or Nikon systems and, with all the bells and whistles, all in a compact package.

That way, professional and serious amateur photographers alike will have less of a weight to carry and taking photographs will be a virtual silent affair. Gone will be days of the machine gun rattles and those irritating camera click-clocks. Virtual silence photography. That is what real photography should be.

If a new generation of compact Fuji professional cameras can be this good, who would not buy such a system?

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