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Re: Fashion statements or deck chair re-arrangement?
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Tom Caldwell wrote:

tecnoworld wrote:

true. I know many ppl that would prefer Sony over Samsung just because...it's Sony.

And don't forget that this market is now opening to non-tech ppl, so it's important to have a good product, making the best pics, and getting good reviews.

Frankly and in truth I don't really care what sort of reviews Samsung products get or whether they sell gazillions or others buy them as long as they sell enough to make it worth while developing great cameras and selling them at a price that I can afford and I can find one in the shops when I need it. I like the product and will buy what they make as long as I keep liking it. I don't really care if everyone in my neighbourhood buys another "big name" product. It is their loss because they have succumbed to following the "winning team" whose name is on everyone's lips.

I am a bit bemused by this "football supporter's club" that whoop up the support for team Samsung or team "whatever other camera you have bought" as if the only true indicator of a good camera is to win the league cup for sales.

It must be a re-assurance thing. "I feel good because almost everyone else has bought the same product as I did".

As far as holding camera innovations back, I am sure that most companies do this to a greater or lesser degree and it might vary model by model.

There is nothing wrong with these great but not final-finished cameras and they have just enough newness to make them desirable. But the larger the market share the more need for any camera company to make sure they have something left in the locker to make next year's model desirable. They also make a whole range of similar cameras and Panasonic, as a good example, is a past master at this. Also think Canon's dslr range over the past few years and count the number of different models they have produced, and all of them perfectly good cameras.

As the pace of innovation slows manufacturers have to increasingly rely on trickling out innovation or relying more on fashion or model diversity to maintain market share. Every so often a "big event" happens and the next big event for EVIL type cameras is fast phase detect on the sensor - will sort of make the EVIL the tough little brother of the dslr and render current EVIL models just so slightly behind the times - you have been warned.

Even Samsung managed to disappoint not a few by making the NX11 with only a makeover. To my way of thinking this "is good" because it made the purchase of my NX10 much more viable. Yet here we are panting to get an "NX20" that will render the NX10 & NX11 (perfectly good cameras for image making) obsolete so that these cameras can be turfed off to ebay (thanks I might buy a few cheap ones). The more innovative the NX20 the cheaper the second hand NX10/11's - bring it on! Of course I reserve my opinion if in fact the NX20 has phase detect focus.

Do we really want cameras that we can change to like a fashion statement - or do we really want to buy a perfect camera that we can keep, use, and be happy with ten years from now?

Odds on the manufacturers generally want the former and the bigger their market share the more they might want it to be true.

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Tom Caldwell

Why would we need phase detect when contrast detect is now faster?


The truth is that contrast detect is bottle-necked by software and processing speed - both of these can be improved through faster CPU's and better algorithms.

At the rate at which CPUs are improving, contrast detect will become many times faster than phase detect in a few years' time.

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Samsung NX10+30mm+18-55mm OIS, Fuji S6500FD

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