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Aperture 3 import question

Started Jun 21, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Paul in Toronto
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Aperture 3 import question
Jun 21, 2011

So I'll mention right off the top that I'm mostly a Windows/Lightroom user. However, I recently got an iMac and downloaded a trial version of Aperture 3. I'd like to run Aperture on my Mac instead of Lightroom, for various reasons that I don't need to get into right now.

Anyway... I've got between 5000 and 6000 photos sitting on a network drive, shared between a handful of networked computers. I want the Mac to be one of them. I've already figured out how to map the drive, so that's not a problem. Directory structure is as follows:

drive IP/Volume/paul/pictures/year/month-day/; with the photos residing in that last folder.

What I want to do is import the photos into Aperture in such a way as to keep them on the network drive, and NOT copy them onto the local hard drive on the Mac. On the Aperture import screen, there's a field called "Store Files:" with an option called "In their current location." I have this selected, but it doesn't seem to help. Aperture still copies several gigabytes of images onto the local HD. Lightroom does this fine, so I don't see why Aperture shouldn't.

The second thing is kind of a stupid question... On the import screen, when I drill down and select the "pictures" directory on the NAS, Aperture gives me a list of all the "year" directories. It doesn't, however, allow me to import all the pictures in all the sub-folders in one action. I need to go into the "year" folder, then into a specific "month-day" folder before the program will let me import anything.

With several hundred folders, importing them one at a time will take forever. Is there any way to force Aperture to import everything in the "pictures" directory, all contents of all sub-directories at once, so I can just walk away, grab a beer, and watch a baseball game while the program does its thing?


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