Sigma Are Not The Only Camera Co. To Stick 2 Fingers Up To Customers

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Sigma Are Not The Only Camera Co. To Stick 2 Fingers Up To Customers
Jun 4, 2011

I like many others have been waiting for the Sigma SD1 to hit the shelves. Along with many other prospective buyers I feel that Sigma Japan have made a huge blunder that has resulted in the feeling that Sigma Japan has stuck two fingers up to me as a long term customer. That said it is evident that Nikon are also demonstrating a similar attitude, perhaps one that is even more "up yours" than Sigma's SD1 fiasco.

Below is a transcript of an on-line chat that I had with a Nikon support person regarding the purchase and use of their software packages. I would be interested to hear your reactions.

Chat Transcript John B 02/06/2011 02:45 PM Hi, my name is John B. How may I help you?

Bryan: Hi, My name is Bryan. I am contemplating buying Nikon Capture NX2 and Camera Control Pro 2 from Jessops. How many computers does the licence allow the software to be installed on. I ask because I have 4 computers, 2 in UK and 2 in Portugal that I use for photo editing?

John B: The licensing agreements for the both softwares states that they can be used on 2 computers

Bryan: Ok, I guess that does'nt help me then. A bit restrictive considering I only use Nikon DSLR cameras. I guess that I will have to consider moving from Nikon. Oh well, you can't win them all, just does'nt seem very "supportive" on Nikons part.

John B: I'm sorry to learn of you disappointment. This licensing agreement is put in place to protect the customer. In the past there have been cases where companies have been found to be selling the same keys to multiple people in a fraudulent manner.

John B: Answer Title: Important announcement regarding illegally sold Nikon software product keys
Answer Link:

John B: If you wish to see the licensing agreement please see the link below..

John B: Answer Title: Nikon Software License Agreement
Answer Link:

John B: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Bryan: That's why I am asking because I know that there have been difficulties in the past. I just do not understand how Nikon expect me to continue to use their products when such a restriction is placed on a genuine buyer. I spend a lot of time in Portugal where I also have a property with duplicate computer facilities. I am guessing but I expect that Nikon also limit the number of times that the software can be installed and uninstalled on the same computer. Is that the case and if so, how many times can it be done?

John B: I understand your frustration, especially given your working situation. An exact figure on uninstall / reinstall limitations has not been outlined by Nikon, however it is suggested to try and avoid doing so unless entirely possible.

I can log you views on the matter and report them to the relevant department for future review if you wish?

John B: ie. In theory the software is not limited, it is the input of the product key. If the servers pick up multiple usage over a given period there is a chance the key will become blocked

John B: It is the same scenario as has happened with the companies mentioned above in the past except instead of you inputting the key many times, each entry was by a different customer

John B: Is there anything else I can help with?

Bryan: I can fully appreciate that situation of multiple users using a single fraudulent key. That is a different situation to a genuine customer. I would appreciate it if you could pass my questions etc further up the system as this really could be a make or break decision as to whether I sell off all of my Nikon gear and move to a competitor. I appreciate your help, thankyou.

John B: I will do so on your behalf. Please bear in mind that this will not result in any direct reply from Nikon with regards to this issue, nor will it lead to an exemption of any kind. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this matter.

John B: Is there anything else before we finish up?

Bryan: Ok thanks again, looks like Nikon have made the decision for me. Thanks again.

John B: If you have any other question, please contact us again. Goodbye.
'Bryan' disconnected ('Concluded by Agent').

So there you have it, not only do you have to buy the Nikon software, at extortionate prices, when most other companies provide an equivalent program FOC with their cameras, it looks like you have to buy multiple copies of the Nikon software as well if you are in my situation.

I am NOT IMPRESSED. Now where is Pentax's website???

BPB (Bryan)

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