Anybody "done with DSLRs"?

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Re: Absolutely not for me
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Your 20-30% claim on an APS-C DSLR IQ over mirrorless cameras is nonsense.

The Samsung NX series and Sony NEX series APS-C sensors offer equivalent dynamic range and very good high ISO IQ. m43 sensor technology has been similar to APS-C for years and continues to narrow the gap. In fact, only real pixel peepers might notice the differences now.

The weight loss is, on the other hand, the significant thing. I carry my NX10 + 30mm/F2 pancake everywhere too - but I don't even know it's there sometimes. I don't even need a real camera bag to store it - I just use an ordinary pocket in my regular "school" bag.

A comparison with full-frame alternatives like the 5D is more valid of course - but how many of us need full-frame cameras anyway?

DSLRs will get outdated soon.

qianp2k wrote:

haha personal choice. not for me just because of saving 20-30% weight/size. then what choices of lenses, flashes, pocket wizard support, performance, AF speed, high ISO, color, DR..list going long. show me if M43 can match these IQ that just snapshots without tripod from recent Disney trip. the gap is much bigger in studio portrait if I include FF 5D and 1.3x crop 1D3. the difference of skin tone and clarity is huge from what I see.

you can see entire set of DisneyWorld photos to see how many photos 60D is able to capture and what IQ all these photos, that is just a portion of my entire photos 4000+.

so think about, 20-30% less weight/size vs 20-30% better IQ and 20-30% of more chances.

Shahmatt wrote:
Buy that mirrorless camera and be happy!

Be a man. Do the right thing!

qianp2k wrote:


You can compare the G3 and T3i/600D with the same-range zoom attached from the above link. You can see M43 doesn't have significant size/weight advantage. Sure GF1/GF2 is further smaller. But with zoom attached actually you will prefer G3 or bigger entry-level DSLR size/weight for a better balance. NEX with 18-200 zoom attached is terrible balance in hands for example. So as I said I just don't see a big deal of M43 package over entry-level DSLR or even mid-level DSLR such as 60D/D7000 with similar equipped package. Sure entry-mid level DSLRs packages are bigger/heavier but not formidable bulky and normal persons should not have a problem to carry entire day with a small sling bag with a good walk-around zoom such as EF-S 18-135 or better 15-85 (Nikon has counterparts). Then you will really enjoy DSLR power and versatility that something you otherwise will miss or difficult to get with M43 or mirrorless. IQ wise DLRs advantages are not only sharper and low high ISO noises but with noticeable better DR and color rendition. In general photos from M43 look a bit of flat and dull, and I have not seen many impressive shots from M43.

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Samsung NX10+30mm+18-55mm OIS, Fuji S6500FD

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Samsung NX10+30mm+18-55mm OIS, Fuji S6500FD

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