A closer look at the SD1 samples - (Kendall-Gelner scene)

Started May 26, 2011 | Discussions thread
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A closer look at the SD1 samples - (Kendall-Gelner scene)
May 26, 2011

So I got bored of complaining about the model sample and decided to take a look at some other images. And the landscape photo Kendall-Gelner really stood-out as a candidate with plenty of detail throughout the scene.

And so I wrung-it through the usual process to see what could be squeezed-out of it. Now baring in mind that I have no experience whatsoever with foveon files, I'm sure this isn't a best case scenario. However I will say that I am very impressed with the overall detail that I was able to extract from this particular image.

I also got the opportunity to try a bit of upsampling, and found no issues getting this file up to 45mp. However, I couldn't really draw any hard conclusions without anything to compare them with, and so I'll just leave this as a loose comment.

Anyways, without further delay, here's the image and crops to go with it.

I was going to post a full size sample, but it weighed-in at 7.5mb with high compression, and so it just wasn't worth loading it into the thread. But... if anyone cares to see it, I can post the link afterward.


Crop 1:

Crop 2:

Crop 3:

Crop 4:

Notable mention:

In this scene, I found very high(accurate) minimum radius detail(see wires extending from buildings etc). I also found the rocks to look accurate and lifelike.

So in closing I would posit whether or not this is a 45mp equivalent. And I honestly can't answer that(I don't own anything to compare it with). However, I can say that this image appears to be well above your average 15mp file.


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