D7000 colour

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D7000 colour

The following are the notes I made from Thoms review of the D7000, they have to be looked at in the context that he is comparing the D7000 with Nikon's top professional camera that cost £5-6000 pounds, the very fact that he is comparing the two cameras speaks volumes about the D7000. http://www.bythom.com/nikond7000review.htm

Notes from Thom’s D7000 review Colour section.

a) Red and blue channel raw responses are a bit different than other Nikon DSLR’s.
b) Clearly Bayer Filtration changes.

c) Red channel is not as good, the Blue channel is better. (Blue channel is often the first and highest noise producer (so increasing blue reduces noise).

d) Colors very slightly subdued some might say flat compared to his D3X on difficult colors like gold’s, bronzes, but also other colors including skin tones.
e) Very subtle and some people wont notice it.

f) Thom cant decide if this is a metamerism that cant be changed, or can be fixed in PP.

I wonder if this is a Nikon change as in Bayer Filtration changes, or is it a feature of the Sony base sensor, and reflects a new direction in sensor design.


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