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The latest on D7000 skin tones?

Started May 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: metamerism
In reply to rhlpetrus, May 25, 2011

rhlpetrus wrote:

Cytokine wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

If one checks the color depth indexes for a few Nikons, including the ones mentioned in these posts, at DxO Mark RAW tests, we see that there are 3 groups: the early 6MP CCD sensor cameras at 20bits, the 10MP CCD sensor generation and he first two generations of CMOs APS-C sensors (D200, D2x, D300) at 22 bits, then the D7k sensor and D700, both at same level (23.5 bits), then the amazing D3x's sensor (24.7 bits), see list below.

By the way D200 is CCD dual channel sensor not CMOS, Nikon's Patent and the only one ever made.

The dual channel design was used to speed up frame rate, since CCD sensors have a read system that limits the read speed compared to CMOS, but the basic sensor abilities are very similar.

From the D200 Brochure

An added benefit of the image sensor’s 4-channel output is that it allows the D200 to adopt the advanced image-processing engine of the D2x. Combining color independent pre-conditioning prior to A/D conversion with advanced digital image processing algorithms, it raises the level of precision achieved by a high-performance system LSI processor. As a result, it provides fine color gradations with consistent and smooth transitions, all rendered exceptionally well throughout the selection of available color modes.

"In practice, the SMI for DSLRs ranges between 75 and 85, and is not very discriminating. It is different for low-end cameras (such as camera phones) which typically have a SMI of about 40. For this reason, we give this measurement as an indication but did not integrate it in DxO Mark."

I agree and I state this on this current thread having learnt from the old thread. I really put it in as an example that much of DSOmark data are difficult to draw conclusions from that are meaningful.

So, all this about D70 or D200 or D2x having better colors than D7k or D700 or D3x are not really justified by the measurements.

I agree, I think that at best we can say that the D3 D3S and D3x probably have the most sophisticated hardware. And it is difficult to imagine that at the cost they would be otherwise. The question is if it requires the expensive engineering of the D3 D3S and D3x to achieve high ISO and good colour from CMOS chips with on chip analogue digital conversion, how did they do this in the D7000. given its size and cost?


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