7D + Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB card w/adapter and Shuttersnitch WORKS!

Started May 7, 2011 | Discussions thread
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7D + Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB card w/adapter and Shuttersnitch WORKS!
May 7, 2011

I thought I'd share my experience on having the ability to wirelessly send images to my iPhone/iPad using my 7D. As you know there is no CF format card made by Eye-Fi, so I decided to try for myself to see if an SD to CF adapter worked in the 7D using my SD Eye-fi card. I heard it worked in some cameras and not others.

Also, I had to use the Shuttersnitch app from the Apple app store as I had no luck getting the Eye-Fi app to work. NO JAILBREAKING IS NECESSARY IN ANY OF THIS.

Here's what I did:

I inserted the SD Eye-Fi card into adapter and then into my Canon 7D, formatted the card, opened Shuttersnitch on my iPhone 3Gs, snapped a couple of pictures and nothing I took the SD Eye-Fi card out of the adapter and put it back into my Sony NEX-5 camera where it last worked and it came up with a message that said "create image database file"? (It said this because I had formatted it in the 7D) I hit "OK", took a couple of shots and they went to the iPhone in Shuttersnitch no problem. So my general wireless setup connection was ok. I removed the card, placed it back in the adapter, DID NOT REFORMAT IT IN 7D THIS TIME (and it didn't complain), shot some pics and they went right to the iPhone via Shuttersnitch - YAY! The adapter works! I didn't have to change any camera settings inside my 7D either to make it work.

I'm telling you my whole process not because I understand all of why it didn't work after first formatting in the 7D, but in case someone else tries the same thing, they will know what worked for me. Instead of using a NEX-5 to recreate a database file, try using whatever camera you have that it was working with previously like I did. If it's all new to you, try using it right away after inserting into 7D without any formatting first. This all assuming you have set up your Eye-Fi Center to use direct mode and gotten Shuttersnitch set up too (it didn't need much).

I should probably back up and say that in my case, I have Verizon Fios as my home connection and I have to go into the router software via my browser using as the URL and go into wireless settings/basic security settings and turn OFF wireless in my house while I test as there is some conflict as it always wants to use the home wi-fi connection and I could never get it to send pictures via direct mode when it was turned on. Turned off, magically it started working.

It has taken me days to get all of this to work (Eye-fi card/camera/iPhone) so I wouldn't exactly say it's easy to set up, and I never could get any kind of consistent results then eventually ANY results at all using the free Eye-fi app from the Apple app store just so you know (when using cams that take SD cards, no adapter was involved when I tried using that app). I did have to pay $15 for Shuttersnitch but couldn't have gotten anything going without it. It has many more options that the free Eye-Fi app and is better overall.

So now I can shoot with my 7D using the adapter at the URL below and it sends right to Shuttersnitch on iPhone (or iPad I assume) and pics can then be reviewed or e-mailed to anyone. I might add there is an important option that you need to use in Shuttersnitch to e-mail full sized images and it also opens up more functionality as well. You need to log in as a "Superuser" under options (free). Here is a page that tells you more about what this allows you to do and the adapter URL is below that:




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