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Wonderful 60D

Every so often you come across a camera that is "just right"

What I mean by this is that you can't wait to pick it up and take some pictures, as opposed to other cameras which you pick up "to take" a picture

I decided to put my thoughs down in defense of this category of camera. I disagree with those who think either 600D or 7D only (also great cameras).

I love photography but also have had many different digital cameras. The main reason why people change is to get the "next best thing" but I generally do simply to experience a difference way of doing things. curiosity perhaps.

As an example I have had, amongst others, the 400D, 450D, 40D, 50D, 5D, 5Dii, 7D, Nikon D7000 (can't focus), D700, D300s, Sony Nex-5, A850 and Leica M8.

In general I love the handling of Nikon and the feel of many Nikkor lenses, but dislike the colours and clarity compared to Canon, but its a personal thing.

Before the 60D I would only name two seminal cameras, the Leica M8 and Canon 5D. The 5D was a breakthrough in its time and still astonishes with its beautiful colours and clarity, IMHO apart from ISO performance it still has a nicer sensor to use then the battleship of the D700. Thats saying something for a sensor of 2005 vintage.

The 60D is just right as a lightweight high-quality walk-about.

I needed an AF camera with good low light performance to supplement my main Leica system, which my wife would also be comfortable to use.

What sets the 60D apart is the:
1. Handling. Lovely to hold and use. A real step up from the xxxD series
2. Top screen. Essential for me and rules out the xxxD series

3. Weight. Balances the excellent 15-85mm perfectly. The 7D just tips the scales too far for me as neck straining for a days walkabout.

4. No magnesium alloy. Yes, you heard that right. Makes the camera more expensive and heavier for no reason. Drop a 7D and a 60D from a 2 storey window and see if there is any difference. Drop them from hand holding height and see the 60D crack and the 7D dent, would the sensitive alignments in both cameras survive this drop ? no idea but my guess is there would be no difference. Magnesium alloy is an outdated method to introduce a more quality feel by weight. Leica uses brass for this but at least their cameras are small enough to keep them lightish.
5. Beautiful colours.

6. Sharp. Great focus. Note that I only ever use the center focus point, so the sophisticated Nikon and Canon 7D focus systems are irrelevant to me.

7. Excellent exposure. I think the Canon 63 FCL is unbeatable at the moment. On paper the crazy 2k bits and 39 of Nikon's latest exposure system look good, but I find the 60D and 7D almost impossible to throw off in practise.
8. Usable at ISO 3200 for most conditions

Why not the 7D:
a. dual CPU makes it much snappier but I don't really need this speed.
b. extra 145g and larger size makes a big difference for me.

c. the price difference, 50% more in the UK. NP if you need the extra features but I don't

d. The reduced anti-alias filter on the 7D is also present on the 60D. The makes a big difference from the xxxD series

How about focus adjust ? As I have never had a Canon lens that is off it doesn't bother me (I know that Canon is not perfect and others have had issues). To be honest I think focus adjust is very useful if you are using lenses with adaptors or old manual focus lenses, but I don't plan to use these on the 60D. Just to emphasise that focus adjust is useless on zooms, as each focal length would need a different adjust, or, to put it another way, if focus adjust does work with a zoom its not the lens with a problem its the camera.

The 60D is a joy to pick up, use and delivers lovely pictures.

Photos to follow ...

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