Worth the trouble buying from Asia?

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Worth the trouble buying from Asia?
Apr 16, 2011

Hi everybody, long time listener, first time caller ...

I convinced myself that I needed a Mamiya 7 II with an 65mm lens.The american prices being out of reach for me, I looked on ebay and found several asian retailers (China and Japan) with much more affordable prices. After much research (and soul-searching ), I went with Digitalrev and placed the order on their website, which had a better price then their ebay listing. The camera and lens were in stock, ready to ship within 24 hours. My Paypal account was promptly charged.

The next day, I was informed that the item was not in stock anymore and that they were waiting to hear from their supplier as to when it would be available again, and that I could cancel my order if I wanted to. I would have been willing to wait, had they given me a time estimate, but for some reason they failed to give me any time frame and kept telling me that they were still waiting to hear back, all the while advertising the same body and lens on their site as still being in stock, ready to ship. After a few days, I got tired of not getting a straight answer and cancelled my order.

Why they would lure customers in with ads all over ebay, not have the items in stock and then just be so "laissez-faire" about it, beats me ...

Now ...

Not having learned my lesson (and still too short on cash to buy in the good old USA), I'm thinking about getting the same camera outfit at Sanpou Camera, a photo store in Tokyo with an american ebay store. They (also) claim to have the items in stock, ready to ship.

Am I just asking for the same thing to happen again, or is there a possibility of a clean, quick and honest transaction.

Is it worth the trouble to buy from Asia?

Thanks for reading ...

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