Is Olympus’s glory age coming?

Started Apr 13, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Is Olympus’s glory age coming?
Apr 13, 2011

In the beginning I have to identify myself as a photography learner. Please kindly correct me anytime with an easy understanding way since I may get many things wrong. Wish this thread will be happily discussed from the beginning to the end.

From many resources including the official website I know that E5 was produced to “unleash” the power of Olympus lenses especially SHG lenses. This gives me a thought about the resolution. Please keep it simple by discussing only between body and lens.

The resolution is determined on either body or lens. Everyone knows that Olympus produces very high quality lenses; whereas the smaller size of sensor (12mp currently) is always the “bottle neck” for the improvement of resolution. Both body and lens have their limitation; however, as we know that there is a much faster improvement on body (include sensor, processer, and others) rather than lens. One day the “bottle neck” will be the lenses rather than the bodies as long as the body technology keeping rock the road. Recently, there are some review websites are retesting the lenses by using newer cameras with more mp to explore the limit of some high quality lenses. I think that the day of exchanging “bottle neck” is coming soon.

From dpreview you can pick many different pictures on one screen for comparison. It is clear the images from E5 (or EPL-1 or 2 – 12mp) has sharper image than that of 60D or 7D (18mp) up to ISO 1600. Other magazines also describe the same comparison. You can go ahead and see it by your own eyes. Again to keep things easy and strait forward we don’t talk about others just pure resolution here. On the other hand, I saw the discussion that Canon 18mp – APS or 21mp – FF has out-performed the limit of their lenses. It means the bodies cannot “unleash” more resolution from the lenses. Thus, there is no much need to make higher mp of sensor or the increased mp may not assist much for the resolution.

From Popular Photography, the resolution for 60D (18mp) is 2600 and GH2 (16mp) has hit 2630. As I mention above that the image from E5 (12mp - 2270) does looks sharper than that of 60D (18mp-2600) at dpreview. I don’t know why this controversy happen and need someone’s opinion; but I wonder what the image from E7 or E50 (wish we have this one later) if equipped with this 16mp sensor would look like? Will it hit 2700? Will the extreme stop around 3000? Will the body technology surpass the limit of SHG or the future E7 or E50 still not quite catches up the powerful SHG?

I am not sure if it is good news for Olympus. One thing I know for sure is less people will chase for more mp but more DR or higher ISO. Further, less people will care about the difference of sharp 80”x60” or 60”x45” print out size. Olympus can then take a breath on this part and focus more on DR and ISO research. The difference will then be less between 4/3 and APS. Olympus’s glory age is coming? Can Olympus see that? I need your friendly input or correction. As I mention that some of my descriptions may be wrong and please correct those with an easy understand way.

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