Thinking about leaving m43 for Pentax system

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David Pichevin
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Re: The body weighs 670 gram...
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I'm never sure what people are talking about when they mention IQ. For me, it's the whole thing, and not so much high ISO noise. IQ is also about captured image resolution, and optical quality. After many years of owning DSLRs, m4/3 was a breath of fresh air for me. There was not only great resolution with great level of details captured, but also focus accuracy, lower distortion, absence of CA, etc...and this all goes to IQ for me. That also gives a strong base for post-processing.

I really doubt that a camera like the GH1, or any "G" for that matter, would not have enough "IQ" for your intended use. It's been done very well with much lesser cameras.

IQ for my intended use has much to do with low ISO quality and dynamic range, and for this reason I was thinking about moving to a K5, as I've been mainly doing landscapes, and I find my GH2 really lacking in AE bracketing ability (I don't want to take 5 shots to cover -2,+2, but 3). But to be frank, for that gain in dynamic range and bracketing settings, I'd be losing a lot. I'd be at a loss to find satisfying replacements to my 20mm pancake lens and 7-14mm that would offer the same quality result, the multi-aspect ratio sensor, the CA-free images etc...One step forward, 3 steps back.

Not to mention the lack of weight and compact-ness of the setup. I always had back/shoulder/neck pains carrying my DSLR setups, and today I can carry my GH2, 3 lenses, accessories, and my nodal ninja head in one shoulder bag without even feeling it. In addition, this has allowed me to buy a much smaller "travel" tripod, that I can also carry on my back and wears barely 1kg. This wouldn't support a much heavier load and all beefier tripods I had before always stayed home.

It's best to match your hardware to what you intend to do with it, but be sure to weigh all pros and cons. You might find, for example, that you simply end up leaving your stuff at home when you're out with the kids, just because it's too heavy or bulky, or that having this big honking stuff in front of your face all the time is a problem.

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