wide apertures - waste of money?

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Fritz Byle
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Re: wide apertures - waste of money?
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I also had read the letter some time ago. There is no doubt that the data is real, although there are no error bars presented, so we don't know how confident they are in said data.

Question: Does it matter? Am I really concerned that I "lose" less than 1/3 stop of light at f/1.4 on by 5D?
Answer: Nope.

Let's talk a little about "gaming the system." The author's wording implies that there is intentional deceit, malicious intent, on the part of the manufacturers. Another interpretation is that the manufacturers are compensating for the (known) light loss by raising gain a little, so that the photographer gets the response (s)he expects. Purely a data-driven engineering approach, and the only approach they have available to solve the problem, short of design changes to the sensor.

Finally, as others have pointed out, light gathering is not everything. Perceived optical performance is a combination of many factors, some objective (sharpness) other subjective (bokeh). You be the final judge.

I for one will not give up my 24/1.4 or 50/1.4, nor even my ol' Zeiss 75/1.5 Biotar.

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