FZ100, FZ30, E510 and ZS3 at 300mm

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FZ100, FZ30, E510 and ZS3 at 300mm

Not scientific by any means and I messed up on the ZS3 by having it on one of the scene modes (portrait) which may have affected sharpness or not.

These were at 300mm equivalent, so maximum zoom for the ZS3, less than maximum on the FZ30 and only 50% maximum on the FZ100 and E510. They were hand held.

I shot at what the cameras were set at in my ordinary shooting, meaning that the E510, ZS3, and FZ30 were all on soft settings because I normally PP, all were JPEGs. The FZ100 is set on sharpest setting because that is what Cole had it optimized at. I didn't do any PP as I ordinarily would on any of the images, so tey should appear a bit soft compared to the FZ100.

If you read the metadata embedded I have all four EXIFs included in the image.

I took the E510 shot and sampled a 500 pixel square, so this is a 100% crop. I then took a similar area from the FZ100 and ZS3 and downsized these to 500 pixels square, so these aren't 100% crops. The FZ30 had to be upsampled so is actually viewed at more than 100%.

On this subject I would say the FZ100 acquitted itself very well. My own observation would place it and the E510 very close, the difference is minor. The E510 having a bit better detail in the subtle tones, but the FZ100 is sharper (obviously it is set sharper, but still looks fine). The FZ30 comes third IMO and the ZS3 just isn't in the running here (not sure how much the portrait mode ruined this test).

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