Thoroughly disgusted with my D7000!!!!!!

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Thoroughly disgusted with my D7000!!!!!!
Mar 7, 2011

I cannot take the inconsistent nature of my D7K focus issues. I have tried being patient and allowing Nikon to do the right thing. I have sent it in for "calibration/repair" and they did replace components and adjust the AF. They also checked my 35mm 1.8.

I have posted here how great my focus was after service, only to discover that it's still all over the map.

I am NOT new to the DSLR world. I have over 2 years of experience with a Canon 1000d which I used almost daily! I understand how to select a focus point. I understand the difference between AF-C and AF-S.

The below pictures are 100% unacceptable. I refuse to pay shipping to send it to Nikon again. I will most likely request a refund. If one is not granted I will most likely pursue small claims court.

I cannot stress enough how frustrating this can be. This is not simply a BF issue, this is a complete miss!!!

Instead focusing on whatever the camera deemed best to focus on, regardless of my AF-C center point only setting in Manual mode.

There is no excuse for the below pictures, not lack of a tripod, not camera movement, not subject movement, not humidity, gravitational pull of the moon, and NOT user error. Sure maybe I could of done a few things different, but not that would change where the focal plane actuall happens to be.

I am tired of people blaming the user and defending this obviously unreliable model from Nikon. While I hate that this is my first Nikon experience, Nikon has done NOTHING to reassure me that they are there to help. In fact the last few samples I sent in came back with advice to use AF-S.....

For those claiming it could be the 35mm lens. I don't care, period, that's not my fault either. I maybe could understand if it was a third party lens, Hell I maybe could understand if it was a standard off the shelf 35mm lens. But it's NOT!! It's the exact same lens sent in with my camera to Nikon service for calibration, and the one they claimed to "check and clean". So stop making BS excuses for Nikon.

I had a $100 50/1.8 lens on my Canon 1000d that put this D7000 to shame on most occasions when it comes to focus accuracy. And if your wondering, no I am not a Canon employee or affiliated with them in any way, just a upset customer that switched to Nikon and currently very upset that I have. I am very much a regular guy that simply wants to take family pics and grow my abilities.

You will notice that in these photos the colums and pins are in the focal plane instead of anything in the red focus square.

Focused where the ball meets the hand....plenty of contrast!

Focused where the neck (skin tone) meets hair(brown) and shirt(black). Again, plenty of contrast.

Focused on face....plenty of contrast again.

Black and yellow striped shirt....goes without saying right!

As you read this, I am sending it back to service on Nikon's reccommendation.

How many times will I end up sending in the camera? Everytiime, I claim I have an AF issue, their response is that it could be a settings issue.

That might by true if I used AF-S for a moving subject, or if I used auto area AF and the camera selected another target to focus on, however, this is not what is happening. Look at the Exif data, it should clearly indicate my settings.

I stated that if it cannot be resolved I will be looking for a refund, their response was that I would have to talk to my retailer for that. Well $hit, what do you do when your past the retailers refund period and Nikon won't refund thing left I guess, small claims court. Unless you guys have another viable option.

Sorry for the rant, but I am extremely frustrated at this point.

I am also sure that a few people will flame me and say I don't know what I'm doing....hell someone my flame the hell out of me for not knowing what I'm doing and then start his own d7000 focus issue thread....We've seen that before too on these forums.

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