I was a BIG NX skeptic.......

Started Feb 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
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I was a BIG NX skeptic.......
Feb 20, 2011

Hi all,

I had heard about the lenses of the NX system, but that they were brought down by the older sensor. Dynamic range seemed to be an issue as well as overall detail. This had kept this system right off my radar. But those darned lenses kept me coming back to look into the system. I finally said "screw what some were saying. Let me look at some raw samples and see myself." Here are some observations....

1) The NX sensor has poor dynamic range IMO with jpgs, but with raw, there is a lot more range to be pulled out of the files than I thought. Especially in the highlights that would be blown on a jpg. I no longer have any issues with dynamic range (at least at the lower ISOs that I would be using). The raw files to me are more vital than other cameras that can pull out more dynamic range in their jpegs. Don't judge the dynamic range of this camera based on their jpegs.

2) Color is GREAT on these raw files. I could bump up the saturation on a lot of shots without making the image start to look posterized. The range is great for color editing. At least the way I like to edit

3) The sensor isn't breaking any records for detail, but paired with lenses like the 20mm and 30mm primes as well as others that have an even sharpness across the frame, sharpening is MUCH easier and I can safely pull out more detail confidently with some sharpening. I've tried the NEX and some of the lenses have better detail, but only in the center of the frame. The edges quickly deteriorate and make sharpening a big hassle (landscapes for example).

4) Noise in the sky..... Pretty good at ISO 100. I'm not sure if the NEX starts at ISO 200 or what, but skies can be noisy on the NEX.

Overall, I'm very glad I did some research on my own. I still wish the NX system had some things here and there, but image quality is no longer an issue for me because of an older sensor. I would say that you probably need to shoot raw more often to get the most out of this camera. Other cameras produce more dynamic range with their jpegs. But the raw data is there to get great images from corner to corner. Of course I would like the NX200 or what ever they end up calling it to upgrade their sensor a bit, but it's by no means something that should bother anyone all that much when comparing other cameras in this range.

I currently have a 5D2 (which is the king of dynamic range), so this DR was a big deal breaker for me. It isn't an issue any longer knowing I can get that range back a lot more in raw than I would have thought.

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