Screen size on the 11.6" Macbook Air - a dealbreaker?

Started Feb 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Screen size on the 11.6" Macbook Air - a dealbreaker?
Feb 20, 2011


I'm at the point where I need to decide between the 11" and 13" Macbook Air models. I already have a 24" iMac at home and a 15" MacbookPro at work, and want the Air for those times I'm travelling or heading off to a cafe and want to do some basic Photoshop/Lightroom work.

I won't be batch editing huge volumes of high resolution raw images - that I'll save for my main machine(s). The Air will be used more for simple layer masking, levels/curves/sharpness/shadow/highlight adjustments etc. of a few images at a time in Photoshop. In Lightroom I'll be organising, tagging, making simple synced adjustments to groups of images etc.

Portability is of prime importance, which makes me lean towards the 11" Air (upgraded with 4GB and 128GB SSD). The footprint of the 13" model means it can't be effortlessly slipped into a small shoulder bag, for example.

However I'm concerned that the short 768px height of the 11" model might make Photoshop/Lightroom editing a pain. Constant scrolling up and down, or having to hide and unhide palettes and windows all the time might be annoying.

Have any photographers had experience of such things on the 11" model and have opinions either way? Are my concerns justified? Are there any other benefits/drawbacks I might not have considered which would be worth knowing before making a purchase?

I know there are rumours around of future updates - Sandy Bridge, 3G models etc. but to be honest for my needs I'm quite happy with the current specs. As I say, for me it really comes down simply to the question of whether the screen size is a hindrance to getting stuff done.

Of course with any machine one makes trade-offs, I just want to avoid a trade-off that might make the workflow annoying and be a disincentive to using the machine.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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