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Re: Olympus imaging is hardly a failure
In reply to erichK, Feb 19, 2011

erichK wrote:

pseudothomasmerton wrote:

RICOH -- Still making cameras the last time I checked, and doing very well for themselves.

Are they? Good to know, because I thought that their imaging section has become were a very minor player pursuing a niche market with mixed success.

They're still a minor player with a niche market. I'm not sure what their plans are for the GXR save for the future M-mount module, but I'm pretty happy with mine. Controls are perfectly sorted-out on that one.

YASHICA -- also still making cameras....

almost invisibly!

I think Yashica only exists as a brand name now, and whoever owns the brand rights are not in any way affiliated to the photographic company we once knew.

MINOLTA -- Making more money with office equipment than they did with cameras, so they sold it off to Sony, who is doing a very nice job in regards to innovation, and are now the #3 player behind Nikon and Canon.

Konica disappeared into Minolta, and Minolta was swallowed by Sony. That hardly pleased the Minolta (let alone the Konica users) I know.

Well, Sony's DSLRs are styled far differently from the Minoltas of old, but at least they still have a system to mate their lenses with, for the most part. And Sony seems to still work on improving AF with screw-driven lenses, so it helps breathe some new life in old Minolta glass.

OLYMPUS -- Put all their eggs in the micro 4/3 basket and in the process, completely alienated 95% of their customers in a single stroke. The imaging division is hemorrhaging cash, having invested tons of capitol in a camera system that is losing what popularity it had to rival Sony, and will need extensive restructuring just to stay alive, if it's not just shut down or sold off.

Most of Olympus' "eggs" are actually in much more important (in every way!) areas like Life Sciences, Medical Imaging and related optics and electronics, where they do very well, too.


Of course I regret the lack of a follow up to the E 4xx and the 5xx, and most especially the E 6xx series, and like many, suspect that the last case is a mistake. However, I am also grateful that they did somehow manage to get the E-5 out, and to make some it embody many moderate but significant improvements, despite the huge hit their camera department has taken.

And their innovative new compact, as well as the solid design decisions the E-PL2 suggests that there is some important research and development and even re-tooling going on, much as there was as OM 3Ti production was finally shutting down, and the first visions of what became the E-1 were starting to be discussed.

I hope there is, but I'm not at all sure it's evident on the E-PL2, at least IQ-wise. I certainly wouldn't want Olympus to move away from making cameras and lenses.

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