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Canon to Olympus
Feb 6, 2011

This will probably be a bit long winded (typical of me). It will be a totally subjective tome and there will be no pictures or pixels to strain your eyes over.

I had written in this forum over a month ago that I had obtained an E-620, a 12-60 Zuiko and a 50mm Zuiko lens. I had mentioned that I have been using Canon equipment for over 30 years and have a good investment in their glass. I also mentioned that I was VERY impressed with the picture quality from the E-620. A few weeks later, I wrote that I had purchased an E-5 and that it noticeably better than the E-620 (which in of itself is a huge compliment). I had left it with I was a bit torn as to what I might do (abandon Canon ???).

I have spent the better part of the past few weeks shooting pictures primarily in average to low light situations, with and without and external flash system and have reached a decision for myself.

I am going to sell my Canon equipment and the only reason that really matters is that I am generally happier with the output of the Olympus pictures from the E-5 with the fantastic Zuiko lenses.

I will be honest, I really had hoped that my Canon system would have prevailed or that it would have been a wash. That just wasn't the case. The clarity of the Olympus pictures just has more appeal to me. Now this is clearly the subjective nature of photography. Based on sales, I am not in the majority, but that really doesn't matter. I shoot for myself only and need to only please myself.

Therefore, the fact that my decision is contrary to many comparative reviews of the E-5 to my Canon equipment, doesn't phase me one iota.

Photography is an art form and to reduce its essence into a pixel peeping war is ridiculous. I can still remember some digital work I saw years ago produced by the 5MP Sony f-717 and enlarged. It was, and still is fantastic work. Technology has given us some exceptional tools (and will probably continue to do so). However, so many remain fixated on the micro differences that the various technologies can produce in contrived settings....IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER if you don't focus on what is really important....the person behind the camera. Spend your time learning what you have and what it can do rather than what will future model xxx bring. Hone your skill and you will produce output that few people will touch with the next 10 years of technology.

So I am still learning...and I am happier still with the additional SUBJECTIVE picture quality that Olympus seems to give my output.

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