Disaster of a Aperture 3 Library: Best Way to Start Over?

Started Jan 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Disaster of a Aperture 3 Library: Best Way to Start Over?
Jan 25, 2011

My Aperture 3 library is so messed in terms of organization it is nearly unusable (I started with Aperture 2 years ago but have mainly used it as an editing tool). Right now everything the library is a full MANAGED master system on my iMac internal drive backed up with Time Machine. I have literally hundreds of projects of non-sensical names with Masters inside and my hoped for chronological system of year folders with month projects inside have long since gone by the wayside and I am getting to the point where I don't know where anything is in my 15,000 photo library. Needless to say I have never key worded anything etc.

My goal is TWO PART...

1. Sort everything neatly by date. I want pictures sorted by Folder Year / Project Month (containing masters). How I get photos from hundreds or even thousands of projects sorted into 12 projects a year is scaring me.

2. Have my Aperture Library on the iMac hard drive with all pictures from the current year being MANAGED and all previous masters put onto a external drive and REFERENCED.

After this is complete I intend a systematic key wording mission that I will do in reverse chronological order until I have my photo library in order.

To get this done I am willing to do anything up to and including just exporting all the masters and starting over, I am willing to lose my versions as those are messed up and all over the place too with some in stacks some not etc.

What is the best way to approach getting all my Masters in order, put into chronological projects and then put the previous years masters into an external drive reference?

Thanks... I need to do this as I find myself using Aperture less and less as I let it get out of control like some sick hoarder.

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