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Re: Pot calling kettle black?
In reply to jimb100, Jan 12, 2011

jimb100 wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

jimb100 wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

I have never been against discussion, which you would know too if you've been following my messages. Note though there's a difference between discussion and oneliners or bashing with an agenda.

Please, explain further and with examples if you would have us believe you.

I don't have to, anyone is free to look up my posting history. What you want to believe is up to you.

What does your posting history have to do with "oneliners or bashing with an agenda."

My reply was based on more than that part of the context.

Do you really expect anyone to go through your posts and try to figure out which ones relate to this statement?

Everyone is free to form an opinion based on my posting history. You apparently already did altough it's quite unclear based on what.

This sounds more like a cop out than anything else. Why not provide just one example where a regular poster here was "bashing with an agenda".

A certain W. for example, the one we all know by now, openly admit to his agenda on several accounts. Had you been following the forums quite closely the past months (or even years), you would know that too. Nothing to prove there, unless you've been away for quite some time. The oneliners from a certain D. with a snake in his avatar haven't gone unnoticed by many either. Same goes for the straw man from a certain J.

Actually, I expect that anyone who has anything negative to say about Sony is "bashing with an agenda" in your mind.

I expect no less from your expectations and assumptions, based on your own history.

Which goes back to the beginning. You seem to want to be the arbiter of what is bashing and whining and what is legitimate discussion.

No, I just call it as I see it.

The censor always does.

I'd like to learn more about your perception, go on.

Otherwise your comments are simply a justification for attempting to censor discussion.

If it makes you feel better, you can keep up that straw man.

That statement is not an example of a "straw man", look it up.

Yes it is, you make something out of my comments that they aren't, simple as that.

It's been your trademark for a while, which hasn't gone unnoticed by others either.

Your comment sounds like an attempt to respond without actually saying anything. If you want to comment, why not actually try responding rather than simply trying a misdirection?

I'm just amused by misdirections created by you and wonder how many more you can come up with.

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