2011 and still no answer to the 5DM2

Started Jan 4, 2011 | Discussions thread
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2011 and still no answer to the 5DM2
Jan 4, 2011

Hard to believe but true, what is Nikon doing, R&D, or nothing? I would think the D3s and D700 must still be selling like hot cakes or they would be out of business in the pro end. I know the D3X is not selling, it has no video, it's a studio camera, and frankly, I don't know one person who uses it, people who want that, at that price, buy MF (which is now up to 80MP).

Is it possible Nikon is so late now that they have completely given up on making a 5DM2 competitor? And if you think they never wanted or needed to do that then you are living in a dream world, the 5DM2 is a monster seller making huge waves in all HD productions, how could Nikon not want a piece of that?

The 5DM2 is hotter than ever especially in the pro video TV field, it's all over the Food Network and many other shows and commercials, nothing looks like it (or is as easy) especially with long lenses and close up and with Zeiss cinema lenses. It's a breakthrough, revolutionary video camera and Nikon has no answer for it. None of it's alleged limitations bother any pro I know using it now, not even audio, the camera is easy to use if you know what you're doing. What a shame Nikon is not in on this considering many pros use Nikon lenses with the 5DM2.

So what are they doing, I have doubts that this is their big year to come up with 24 MP, 1080 video and fast auto focus video in a small body (just like the 5DM2). Have they given up on this segment that the 5DM2 dominates, especially in terms of price? Are they going to go the medium MP route, 16 or 18 and DX, or something like the 7D? I doubt it, who wants that, what pro wants that at this late point in the game?

For this long a delay in doing anything like the 5DM2 spec and price I would think they have to be working on the super camera, the flagship 24MP 1080 AF video, basically a combination of the D3s and D3X and 5DM2. But if that is true then two things are also true, 1. it's going to be very expensive and 2. it's still a long way off.

But why would they go flagship when everyone wants a 5DM2 killer? Because they are small and greedy, not quite. It's because the super cam flagship is the only way to beat Canon and still continue to sell the D700, D3s and D3X. You see, if they make anything like the 5DM2 spec and price no one will buy their other cameras anymore, why would you when you can get almost double MP, 1080 AF video and at half the price of the D3s (which the 5DM2 offers)?

Prediction 2011, no Nikon 5DM2 spec and price, no 1080 HD video with full frame (like the 5DM2), then maybe by December 2011 with a 2012 release date, the super cam flagship with 24 MP, high ISO IQ, 1080 AF HD video etc, price $8,000 plus. But I have to say, if that's when they finally do it, it may be too late, especially if a 5DM3 comes out and offers all that and more for half the price, after all, who is going to replace all their 5DM2 accessories for a super expensive Nikon replacement?

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