Nikon WILL NOT return my D700 (was: "Aaaaarg... Nikon USA lost my D700" thread)

Started Dec 17, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Nikon WILL NOT return my D700 (was: "Aaaaarg... Nikon USA lost my D700" thread)
Dec 17, 2010

(PART 1 of 2 - see next posting in same thread).

The short story : The D700 body I send to Nikon for service had been reported stolen to Nikon and they are keeping it (as in not returning it to me).

The lesson learned : Unless you are 100% sure of the origin of your equipment, do not send it for service at Nikon.

(This is a follow up to my last thread "Aaaaarg... Nikon USA lost my D700...." )

The long story :

I bought this D700 body off Craig's List in the San Francisco bay area like many of my current equipment. As I always do when I am looking at used equipment, I called Nikon with the camera serial number to check that that it was a USA model. I do this because Nikon claims they will not service gray market units and that's a hassle I wanted to avoid (until now). When I talked to the service rep at Nikon (Southern CA office), I was told that it was a USA model and I wasn't given any indication that there was anything wrong with the camera.

So I met the seller, checked the camera out (good shape, somewhat dirty sensor), negotiated a fair price and paid in cash for it as for 99% of Craig's List transactions.

Two weeks ago, I sent the camera to Nikon Service Center along with some other equipment for a sensor cleaning. I got the service order numbers within a couple of days for the other equipment but it looked like this D700 had just fallen into a black hole.

After several phone calls to the service center, I was told that this D700 was held at the service manager desk and that I was going to receive a letter in the mail soon. In frustration, I reached out to the national service manager in the Melville office and he finally called me back this morning.

He confirmed that this camera had been reported stolen to Nikon and that they would not be returning it to me. I asked a few questions and here is the summary:

  • If you call Nikon ahead of time with a serial number to check if the camera has been reported stolen, they will NOT give you the information. Their reasons behind that are confidentiality issues (information given to them by police departments or insurance companies is marked confidential) as well as a concern that thieves would use the service to check if the equipment they are trying to sell has been reported stolen.

  • They will NOT give out the information about the stolen claim other than to a police department and only after receiving an official request on a official department letterhead. So you have to trust them that this is accurate, valid, error free, etc.

So from my end, I am pretty upset (to say the least), out a D700 camera... (not cheap). But, as pointed out by the service manager at Nikon, if I was in the original owner shoes I might feel differently...

Does this mean that Nikon is acting right here? I don't think so.

(... more on the next post in the same thread ...)

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