60d has some smarter solutions over my 7d

Started Nov 16, 2010 | Discussions thread
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60d has some smarter solutions over my 7d

i have used my 7D for 6 months so far. today i had a 60d un my hands for a while and have some conclusion now.

  • its body feels much more solid than rebels, a lot like my 7d. (of course that i know iam sure 7d is stronger if it fall down to the floor)

  • its upper LCD is much simpler and easier to read. its show when the lens is set tu M FOCUS (my 7d not) and it have bigger battery icon

  • the 3:2 shaped back LCD is great to see in playback mode, delicious. I believe that its will be a must for all new canons.

  • I prefer the playback button on the right side. so its a welcome change

  • its sad that canon decided to eliminate the 50d - 7d joystick. the new controller isnt bad, but is not the same. BTW i found that its faster to navigate on quick menu screen because you don't have to move you finger away to press SET button.

  • i really don't know why designers put a lock on shooting mode dial its unnecessary

  • SD memories are improving maybe its time to start to say goodbye to CF in near future

  • 7d viewfinder its much better with its clean transflective system.

  • there is not picture style or WB button. but it have fast access on quick menu.

  • video slot is at the end of shooting mode dial ,very far from PASM slots

  • when you are used to, its great to have C1, C2 , C3 modes like the 7d. Camera makers should remove scene modes in that class of cameras to make room.

i never used a xxD camera before, but I believe that initial reactions and critics on 60d were unfair. its a very solid camera, maybe xxD heavy users shold go to new 7D line because its viewfinder,sealing, framerate and its superb autofocus system. otherwise 60D is a winner

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