Why the 60D belongs in this forum

Started Nov 12, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Why the 60D belongs in this forum
Nov 12, 2010

I know there's been a lot of talk about this, but from what I've read there doesn't seem to have been much clear thinking behind the talk.

As far as I know the cameras themselves don't belong in categories because the cameras don't actually visit the forums. They actually sit passively in our bags while we flame each other about whether the 60D is a "real" camera and other important discussions.

The forums are for the users. So the real question is which forum the USERS of 60D's will fit best into. Which brings us to the question of what the purpose(s) of the forums are. Are they a club with a certain membership requirement? Or are they primarily a place to share ideas and grow as a photographer? (too much typing, time for a photo)

I have a 60D. I don't have a 7D or a 5Dii because I can't afford it. I don't make much money taking pictures, but I take a lot. I shoot RAW edit in LR3 and PS. I know how and why to lock up the mirror, use a WhiBal for color accuracy and am having a great time playing with wireless flash triggering. And, after reading a lot in the forums, I fit much better in this one than in the rebel forum.

My "Super Rebel" may not be up to spec for some, but my skills and interests match this forum.

So a question: Do you want to give what you know to those who have graduated to the "super rebel" and are now in need of a more advanced group of friends and peers to help them on the journey to being better photographers? All communities work because the advanced help the noobs and everyone benefits. Let's make this one the same. If the 60D is attracting people who are moving up from a rebel, great!


PS. There is one caveat in this: The 40D and 50D users who are genuinely disappointed in the direction Canon has taken with the 60D because they won't get to upgrade in the way they were hoping. That's a legit topic of discussion and should be perfectly welcome.

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