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Re: Key advantage is reach
In reply to jeminijoseph, Nov 10, 2010

It seems that some are in the grip camp and some are in the no-grip camp. Nikon can't please both camps easily.

My gut tells me that Nikon might release parallel top end DX models. The D400 sharing the same body as the D800 just as we have now with the D300/D700. And a DX4 release at the same time as the D4. Other than sensor size it would share FPS, auto-focus system and body design.

Alternately, they could release it with a better attached grip. Perhaps something that uses an actual screwdriver to attach multiple screws for a rock solid attachment. Who says the grip has to be easy-on / easy-off? It's either on or off and you make that decision at home.

Holding my D300 right now I can't see them being able to design an integrated grip that is much smaller that the current accessory grip. Certainly not for people with my hand size (and I don't have big hands).

I'm leaning towards the D400 / DX4 release. It makes sense. The number of shared components will shave production costs. Plus the dual size for DX won't peeve off one or the other DX camps. Maybe it's time for Nikon to stop treating DX as the ugly step child in the family.

jeminijoseph wrote:

I know it's not really reach. It's a crop. But having 16MP after 1.5 crop is better than having 16mp at full frame for wildlife shooters.

I shoot only wildlife and I'd love to have integrated grip. But may be smaller size? Is that possible? Same shape as D4, but smaller, lighter and cheaper. Just a wish.

DezM wrote:

Agreed. I don't want nor need the integrated grip. That would be a mistake as many, including myself, may stay away from this predicted model.

Don't want a bigger camera.

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